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Echo by karlbertil

In the early 2000s, a comprehensive renovation of the main entrance of Södersjukhuset (a hospital in Stockholm), with several major artistic mission as a result. Outside the building is Fredrik Wretman´s artwork Body & Soul in the form of two sculptures positioned at the respective pond. The work will be entirely due to the sculptures reflected in the water. In the picture is one sculpture shown.

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Church of the Savior on Blood by gulich_79

Griboedov channel and Church of the Savior on Blood.Saint Petersburg. Russia
This Church was built on the site where Emperor Alexander II was severely wounded and died in March 1881. The construction was funded by the imperial family.
Construction began in 1883 during the reign of Alexander III. The church was dedicated to be a memorial to his father, Alexander II.
The Church contains over 7500 square meters of mosaics—according to its restorers, more than any other church in the world.

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Prague by gulich_79

Hradčany – the Castle District, is the district of the city of Prague, Czech Republic, surrounding the Prague Castle.

The castle is said to be the biggest castle in the world at about 570 meters in length and an average of about 130 meters wide. Its history stretches back to the 9th century. St Vitus Cathedral is located in the castle area.

Most of the district consists of noble historical palaces. There are many other attractions for visitors: romantic nooks, peaceful places and beautiful lookouts.

Hradčany was an independent borough until 1784, when the four independent boroughs that had formerly constituted Prague were proclaimed a single city. The other three were Malá Strana (German: Kleinseite, English: Lesser Quarter), Staré Město and Nové Město

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Moscow by gulich_79

Moskva river and Moscow Kremlin on sunset.
The Moscow Kremlin was built in 1482-1495. It is situated on the high left bank of the Moskva River, where the river Neglinnaya flows into it.

The present red walls and towers of the Kremlin were built in 1485-1516. At the top the wall is decorated with the teeth in the form of a swallow’s tail. On the outer side the wall is smooth and the inner side of the wall is framed with arched recesses for reinforcement and facilitating the construction. In the Kremlin there are five palaces and four cathedrals.

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