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Tour Eiffel sur le pont by m4photo

Taken across the river Seine, this image of the Eiffel Tower is one of my favourites from this short visit to the city of Paris, France.

I did not have my trusted filters with me so I opted for a 30 second exposure to smooth the water as much as possible. Although I really like the effect on the water, next time I’ll remember the filters and see how this image can be improved.

This is another of my Eiffel Tower images that cannot be purchased without a license for the illuminated tower. If you are interested in licensing this image please contact me and I’ll explain more.

All Rights Reserved. Thank you for all of your views, faves and comments. It is your feedback (faves and comments) that makes is all worthwhile.

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Water Street Light Trail by gord_follett

Located on the corner of Water Street and George Street, downtown St. John’s Newfoundland. A light trail of cars passing by near dusk. George Street is a popular place for locals and tourists looking for a night out, because of it’s high concentration of bars. Along Water street one can find a variety of restaurants, shops and bars. As you walk along Water street you will see buildings that still have the original design and structure since the 1800’s.

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