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Geomarchitectural painting by ninjatransvestite

This proved a challenging shot as the focus-system insisted to focus on the lines making out the partitions of the windows in front.

Fine, I just go to “manual” focus.. but this was VERY hard with such a tiny viewfinder. (one of the drawbacks shooting with a Nikon D3000)

Actually catching the focus of this painting is not the easiest thing I have done. But I ended up satisfied never the less :o)

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ponte vasco da gama by NunoMiguelValente

A Ponte Vasco da Gama é uma ponte sobre o rio Tejo,na área da Grande Lisboa, ligando Montijo e Alcochete a Lisboa e Sacavém, muito próximo do Parque das Nações, onde se realizou a Expo 98. Inaugurada a 29 de março de 1998, a ponte é a mais longa da Europa e é actualmente a nona mais extensa de todo o mundo, com os seus 17,3 km de comprimento, dos quais 12 estão sobre as águas do estuário do Tejo. Na sua inauguração foi servida uma feijoada que teve direito a inscrição no Guinness World Records.

O vão (comprimento do tabuleiro) do viaduto central é de 420 m. Foi construída a fim de constituir uma alternativa à ponte 25 de Abril para o trânsito que circula entre o norte e o sul do país na zona da capital portuguesa.

Aquando da sua construção foi necessário tomar especiais cuidados com o impacto ambiental, visto que atravessa o Parque Natural do Estuário do Tejo, uma importante área à escala europeia de alimentação e nidificação de aves aquáticas. Foi também necessário proceder-se ao realojamento de 300 famílias.

O nome da ponte comemora os 500 anos da chegada de Vasco da Gama à Índia, em 1498.

É uma das mais altas construções de Portugal, com 155 m de altura.

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The Black Diamond by ninjatransvestite

The Black Diamond

To foreigners visiting Copenhagen the Royal Danish Library appear to be merely a quite boring and very 3 dimensional square black building. This however is exactly the architectural intent, as the Danish National Library hold treasures from ancient legendary mythical times, not meant for foreigners to behold,

Using both modern building technology combined with old danish traditional mythical design, the renowned danish Archwizard Per Kirkeby managed to create a octagonic dimensional foundation out of a black hole containment field, able to simultaneously support eight different structures at the same time yet with different physical location in dimensional space. Which is why the building among danes is known as ”The Black Diamond.”

Obviously as you clearly see, finding the way around inside the black diamond does prove quite challenging, even to danes, but eventually one get the hang of it and with knowledge one come to, well.. realize the true depth and many facets to it. It is really hard to explain to foreigners which is why, I thought, the prudent thing to do, was to simply take a photograph of it ;o)

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Blood Moon Over Gate by rickschwartz

While in San Francisco I just had to “do the bridges”. By that I mean, drive over and take pictures, …just like everybody else. I went through the motions but I didn have my heart into it. I mean, it’s only been done one-million-and-four-hundred-and-sixty-two-thousand-and-seven-hundred-and-ninety-two times (excluding Andriod devices). Not like it’s popular or anything. Even when I showed up at 5AM on a MONDAY MORNING there were three other photographers there. I mean, don’t these people have anything better to do than get up early on a MONDAY morning and take yet another picture of the bridge? Good grief, some people.

Anyway, I stuck around looking for a unique angle that hadn’t been done before, how hard could that be? Those other pesky photographers finally left and I was about also when I looked back and noticed that the Blood moon had popped up over the bridge. How lucky is that? I quickly took my shot and I think I may be the only person in the world to have a shot of the Blood Moon over the Golden Gate.

I currently in negotiations with Hogwarts to have this hung in the grand hall, but I wanted you all to be the first to see it.

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