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Săpânţa Peri Monastery. by vjdooms

In 1391, his grandchildren have given Dragos Voda Monastery land and real Peri, being built a stone church. For 312 years, this stone church had its headquarters Romanian Diocese of Maramures. Dragoşeşti princes wore Monastery time patron Saint Michael the Archangel. Sapanta-Peri were translated and copied to the Romanian first “Psalter”, “The Gospel,” “Legend of Sunday”, “Voroţean Codex” and “Acts”. Seal time led to the destruction of the monastery in 1783.

Săpânţa Peri Monastery was founded in 1997, in the village Săpânţa desire to resume the historical tradition of the ancient monastery of St. Archangel Michael in Peri, Maramures, on Ukrainian territory. Built by the parish priest Gregory Lutai, by architect Dorel heart Peri Monastery Sapanta received in 2005, a community of nuns, who previously started construction work continued. Maramures style church in the monastery was clad initially with 8.5 kg of gold and the cross, seven meters high, in turn, coated with four kilos of gold. The building is located on the banks of the Tisza and was conducted between 1998 and 2003. The monastery tower is visible from a distance of five kilometers Tisza and can be admired by Romanians in Transcarpathia, historical Maramures region remaining in Ukraine. Currently supported 6 nuns monastery, Abbot nun Agnia Ciuban.

With a maximum height of 78 m, Sapanta-Peri monastery church now stands in 3rd place between places of worship in Romania, after Timisoara Orthodox Cathedral and St. Michael Roman Catholic Church in Cluj, and before other buildings towering wall as well as evangelical churches in Bistrita and Sibiu.

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Lado oposto / Opposite side by crissparanhos

Olhando para o lado oposto da foto anterior… observe a vegetação dentro da construção.

Looking at the opposite side of the previous photo … observe the vegetation inside the building .

Parque das Ruínas
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

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Parque das Ruínas by crissparanhos

Esse é o Parque das Ruínas, um belíssimo espaço cultural que irei apresentar algumas fotos que fiz neste dia em que lá estive.

This is “Parque das Ruínas, a beautiful place to visit here in Rio.
I´ll show some photos that i made in Parque das Ruínas.

Parque das Ruínas
Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

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Parque Lage by crissparanhos

O Parque Henrique Lage está, localizado no bairro Jardim Botânico. Nas próximas fotos irei compartilhar a visita que fiz neste dia.

Parque Lage is located in the Botanical Garden neighborhood. In the next pictures I will share the visit I made that day.

Rio de Janeiro / Brazil

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