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The Color Of the Night by zemestane59bood

“message. The lake is one of the natural attractions of Ardabil, the results of geological studies indicate that older age of the lake from the lake is. Shorabil only natural lake within a city in Iran is. It was very salty lake in the past, but now with the addition of fresh water to which salt has been reduced so that a fish trout in it extends to 180 hectares cultivated and grown. The lake features entertainment, sports and culture, many of which, such as a canoe, track athletics , track cycling , the zoo , the number of hotels (Kosar tourist complexes and hotels Shorabil), one of the city’s indoor amusement park and an outdoor play . The lake hunting areas Ardabil province.

Shorabil Drhrym Ardebil city and towns Kosar, stamp, transportation, justice, Vali, and university researchers City, PNU, Medical Sciences, and the International Exhibition of Ardabil on the edge of the lake uate. Stay for foreign tourists and domestic visitors rated a two-star hotel on the north shore of Lake Shorabil with Kosar tourist complex with a three-star rating and forty-six suites, villas and conference facilities Vsaln conference and two restaurants and a cafe. Cafe and Lounge sports court, an area of 26125 square meters was built on the southern coast Shorabil.

Prior to the addition of fresh water to the lake, residents, especially those who suffer from skin irritation and joint pain, skin Mymalydnd lake of flowers, and the flowers were to take it to other cities, but when the water Add another sweet water lake has lost its therapeutic properties.
Shorabil already Ardabil is one of the entertainment venues in the park next to it and a lot of green space and an indoor amusement park in the sun with modern facilities opened in 2012 on the shore of the lake.

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Light the Way by ryno324

This is the Lake Louise Canoe Rental building in Banff National Park.

I took this on my over night photo excursion Tuesday. I had tourist hot spots like Lake Louise and Moraine Lake to myself. Plus I was able to shoot the Milky Way and a rising orange moon.

I am very pleased with all of my photos from the night and this happens to be my second favourite from the night.

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Cityscape GÖREME* by tarikjesenkovic

* New, reupload version.
Cityscape – Cappadocia GÖREME. (Göreme National Park and the Rock Sites of Cappadocia, Turkey). 2014 © Tarik Jesenković. All rights reserved! This photo is protected by copyright laws and may not be used on websites, blogs or other media without my written permission.

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