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Geomarchitectural painting by ninjatransvestite

This proved a challenging shot as the focus-system insisted to focus on the lines making out the partitions of the windows in front.

Fine, I just go to “manual” focus.. but this was VERY hard with such a tiny viewfinder. (one of the drawbacks shooting with a Nikon D3000)

Actually catching the focus of this painting is not the easiest thing I have done. But I ended up satisfied never the less :o)

via http://ift.tt/1jKw4GO

National Library of Greece, Athens by KostasBrillakis

The architect of this public building was the Hans Christian Hansen.
Hans Christian Hansen (20 April 1803 – 2 May 1883) was a Historicist Danish architect who worked 18 years in Greece where he was active in the transformation of Athens from a small town to the country’s capital and an international metropolis (wikipedia)


via http://ift.tt/1F8vcFh