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Stoa of Philippos – Delos by vasiliosgavrilis

This imposing stoa was constructed by Philippos V of Macedonia in 210 BC, in honour of Apollo. It is 72 metres long and 11 metres wide, and used to be supported by 16 Doric columns.

This dedicatory inscription, “The king of the Macedonians, Philippos, son of the King Demetrios, dadicates this to Apollo”, is still legible.

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Delos, House of Hermes by vasiliosgavrilis

Delos was in Antiquity famous for its historical cult of Delion Apollon exercised there and from the excavations, the houses, the cobbled streets, temples and public buildings that have survived give us a unique picture of the ancient Greek city as a whole .

Rocky and barren island located between the islands of Mykonos and Rhenia length 5 km and a width of 1300 meters. The highest elevation is the granite mountain Kythnos, who at the foot of the ancient city of Delos was that the excavations have brought to light throughout.

Mythology says that manifested (declared) with a blow of the trident of Neptune on the sea surface and was sailing for a long time, until Zeus anchored to the seabed by a diamond chain to refuge there Leto and lay down a palm two divine children, Artemis and Apollo first after.

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