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Old Courtyard by alexanderhypelayer

Saint Petersburg’s courtyards are an important part of the city culture. The most interesting feature is their shape. You can often meet “courtyards-wells” in the city center (enclosed courtyards with houses that look like deep wells).

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Excel by AlfonsoNovillo

No me gusta nada la nueva interfaz de 500px lo veo todo desordenado y parece un auténtico caos, veo una foto más grande que otra en mi perfil, eso me parece un fallo muy grave.. por si fuera poco, la web me va super lenta y no entiendo bien como comentar las fotos de los demás usuarios o votarlas. Pido disculpas por mi ignorancia y les doy las gracias por su visita y valoraciones, tengan un buen día!! 🙂

I do not like anything the new interface of 500px it see all messy and seems a real chaos.. I see larger photo in my profile that believe me a very serious bug in case outside little, the web is going super slow and I do not understand as well as photos of other users comment or vote them. I apologize for my ignorance and I thank you for your visit and valuations, have a good day! 🙂

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