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In The Middle by BenoSaradzic

‘In The Middle’

Featured is one of the six bridges connecting both sides of Dubai Marina development. Flowing lines, flashy architecture, vibrant and colourful lights, crazy urban design…what’s not to like in such a cityscape?

This shot was taken in near darkness from a moving helicopter. I used Canon 5Dmk3 and Canon TS-E 24mm lens. I was going for a miniature effect so I set the lens to capture the image at the widest aperture in a fully tilted position.
EXIF: f/3.5, 1/160s, ISO 3,200

via http://bit.ly/1MqGXpE

Engine Bridge – Miniature by ryno324

I took this a few days ago when my car was in the shop… Thankfully, this bridge is like a 15 minute walk to get to from the dealership and it was a gorgeous day. I started playing around with various angles of the bridge… Much more bizarre than my black and white version that is. I left my camera pointed up on a pillar and this is what I ended up getting.

via http://ift.tt/1IDbDoO