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Crossing The Bridge by michaelwilhelmi

Pedestrians cross the winding BP Bridge, designed by noted architect Frank Gehry, in Millennium Park, Chicago. The bridge is named ‘BP’ after British Petroleum which bought the company Amoco who originally funded it. The bridge spans a busy street under its curves and so limits sound from the street to the Pritzker Pavilion which is seen in the right background.

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Summer Fun At The Fountain by michaelwilhelmi

This image is of children running and splashing in the water of the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park, Chicago. The Crown Fountain consists of two identical towers facing each other that project faces of city residents as water spills down their sides. In this photo the front of a tower is on the left, the side of the other on the right.

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The Bean – Chicago, IL by justinb

Cloud Gate, also known as “The Bean” in Millennium Park, Chicago, IL.

The buildings in the background are really tall, it took a lot of tilting to get them upright. A tilt-shift lens would be really fun, I just wish it wasn’t so expensive. It also took a long time to get all the people out of this shot. It turns out this is a popular place to be just after sunset. I used 4 different brackets of shots to mask out the people, and even with 4 photos to mask from I still had to do a little bit of cloning.

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