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THE DAY AFTER by BenoSaradzic

‘The Day After’

I named this image after one of the most impactful disaster movies of the Eighties, ‘The Day After’ (1983). I still vividly remember the catalysmic visuals in that movie which frightened and disturbed the audiences worldwide. It’s funny how I remembered this specific movie when I saw this eerie sunrise.
This is a panorama, stitched from 4 individual exposures. No HDR or blending here, just straight-up photography with colour correction.
I used Canon 5DMk3 and Canon TS-E17mm f4.0L lens with a Gitzo GT5541LS tripod and RRS BH-55 ballhead.

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Through the Arches by sandtasticdays

Its been a few weeks since I posted. Now back in Abu Dhabi afternoon spending the summer in the UK. It is incredibly hot here at the moment so the camera is in hibernation until next month when its starts to cool in the UAE. My favourite time of the year when the temperatures are perfect and sunsets and sunrise come into their own. Lots of exciting things in the pipeline including a gallery who want to have me a as a featured artist and run workshops. Have a great weekend. In my opinion this looks better against a black background.

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THE WHITE PEARL by BenoSaradzic

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, photographed at the end of the gloomy day which was dominated by sandstorms and rain. It’s very rare that my aerial photography missions take place on day with such dramatic skies. This was one such case. It’s amazing how the snowy white marble of this magnificent structure manages to maintain its luminosity, even on a somber day like this.
Photographed through the open door of the Eurocopter AS350. I used Canon 5DMk3 and Canon 8-15mm fisheye f/4L lens.
Spherical distortion produced by the fisheye lens was corrected with Photoshop CC 2015 and graded in NIK Collection suite.

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