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Piazza del Campidoglio – Rome by csillogo11

Piazza del Campidoglio is one of Rome’s most beautiful squares, designed in the sixteenth century by Michelangelo and laid out between two summits of the Capitoline Hill, the most important of Rome’s fabled seven hills.
Michelangelo came up with an original, trapezoidal design for the square with an intriguing oval shaped ground pattern. He rebuilt the Palazzo Senatorio, seat of the Roman senate, and redesigned the facade of the Palazzo dei Conservatori.
Additionally a new building, the Palazzo Nuovo, was to be constructed just opposite the Palazzo dei Conservatori. Both palazzos were positioned at a slight angle so that it changes the perspective in such a way that the square seems larger than it actually is.

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Albero della vita. EXPO 2015 by ChristianSciannamePhoto

The launch of “Albero della Vita”, the Tree of Life, and the introduction of its contents and protagonists took place today at Piccolo Teatro. The tree – whose concept and design were developed by Marco Balich, in collaboration with Giò Forma studio – was built, thanks to Coldiretti and Pirelli sponsorships, by “Orgoglio Brescia” consortium. This conference was aimed at sharing the story of Italian Pavilion’s symbolic work of art, but also at unveiling the most interesting events that will animate Expo Milano 2015.

The tree, Italian Pavilion’s symbol, stands at the centre of Lake Arena, the largest open air space in Expo, located in front of Palazzo Italia, where Italian State and Government are represented.

The 35meters-long twine of wood and steel was inspired by one of the most meaningful works of the Italian Renaissance: the floor of Piazza del Campidoglio (Rome) designed by Michelangelo. The Tree of life Suite is also an allegory of “Vivaio Italia”, Italian breeding ground, the theme that Italian Pavilion has chosen to participate in Expo 2015. The classy structure, deep-rooted in the fertile ground of “Vivaio Italia”, soars towards the sky, depicting the dialogue between past and future, tradition and innovation.

The tree will be the evocative set of more than 1,200 performances and events, that will catch the attention of visitors with music, choreographed water and light features and three-dimensional effects.

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