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Masterpiece of Sinan by hayazici

Selimiye Mosque, Edirne, Turkey

Sinan, who lived from 1489 to 1588, is considered the greatest Ottoman architect of the Ottoman Empire’s Architectural heritage.
Sinan considers the Selimiye Mosque to be his masterpiece. It had the tallest minarets in the world at that point, each topping 80 meters. The dome was built on an octagonal base, thus allowing it to reach new heights that finally topped the Hagia Sophia’s dome. While some aspects of the Selimiye are similar to the Suleymaniye, it is taller Sinan’s earlier work with a taller dome that seems to rise on its own without any support from lower pillars or semi-domes. It remains today as the main landmark of Edirne, Turkey, and a masterpiece of architectural achievement that has never been matched.

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