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Commencement by kevinhuangphoto

Amazing morning to kick off low fog season. The fog rolling over the Golden Gate bridge during sunrise was absolutely mesmerizing. Can’t wait to see everybody’s shots! Thanks to Escaype, I was able to be prepared for one of the best low fog events I’ve ever seen.

All Critique and Feedback desired, thank you!

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A Little Sunshine… by lunick

Sporadic sunshine cuts through the thick fog on the Golden Gate Bridge’s North Tower… The San Francisco fog is consistently cold and intruding…
Many photographers come from all over the world to get an image of the bridge, only to find it fogged in all day long…


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Magnificent Bridge… by lunick

“Magnificent” is the only appropriate word to describe the wonderful architecture and engineering of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge… Tourists come from all over the world to drive across it.

This image was taken from Ft. Baker below the bridge on the Marin County side… (The flock of geese flying across my frame were an unexpected bonus…)


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