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Mirror Mirror on the Wall by Turnipfarmer

Marienplatz Metro Station, Munich, Germany

I have had so many uploads I have been sitting on and not getting round to upload them until now as I feel its the right time to upload them with my new Flickr account.

I will be returning to the Open House London archive uploads shortly but this is another addition to my ‘Conceptual Fabrication’ series. I have done this one in colour with the distinctive Orange tiles that you often get with German metro stations but I wanted to try a black and white image and this was the result, really like the high key feel that the orange tiles create when converted to Black and White.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Marienplatz by UrsulaRodgers

It was my birthday recently, and my partner wanted to take me on holiday. We went to Munich, Germany, which I’ve wanted to visit for a while now. Marienplatz Station is one of the central stations in the city, and is great for photography, fisheye or otherwise! Incidentally, this shot was taken with the fisheye lens, and makes a new addition to my project for this year.

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