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A Trek Into The Future by DinoAyala

This is a pic I snapped of the Island Resort Mall on the Siu Sai Wan side of Hong Kong Island. I discovered this area by accident after taking a wrong turn on one of many hiking trails Hong Kong has to offer. This city and country made me fall in love with getting lost taking photographs as it is perhaps one of the easiest places to get around by foot. One of the lesser known things about HK is that besides the densely packed buildings in Kowloon and the Mega Sky Rise Corporate Buildings, Hong Kong also offers some spectacularly beautiful deserted beaches and quite fishing villages all within a short bicycle ride or hike from the madness of the one of the worlds most densely populated countries. I also recently found out that this building sits on the most expensive land in the country. Back before the British transferred sovereignty over to China. The land was purchased for development for over $1billion USD. Madness.

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auqarium by Traumatom

Like fish in a bowl shoppers stream into, in some cases not uninteresting, shopping malls spending their spare time with shopping. What a way to spend your time, not having to think, getting your kicks from spending money on things you don’t really need with money you don’t really have.
It always makes me sad when Johanna tells me that some of her school mates’ only sparetime activity is to go shopping.
The HDR look is accidental and might be caused by the shaded and rounded glass tiles forming the roof

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