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Strictly Business by tchebotarev

One more shot from Shanghai’s financial district. I think I’ll never stop being fascinated by architecture and all the buildings. It fascinated me the first day I moved to Toronto in 2001, and still fascinates me now as I travel the world.

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Amazing Light by HaochengTang

It is what I saw when I walked through Lujiazui CBD in Shanghai with my camera equipped with 35mm lens. I set up the tripod and took long exposure of this scene. I lived in Shanghai for 19 years until I went to San Diego for study, and this is what I can see from the beginning of my life-the amazing light lines constructed by busy traffic. I went back to Shanghai this summer as I had a quick summer break and still, I can easily see these lines anywhere in Shanghai in rush hours.
Hope you like this photo and my story, my friends.

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