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Commencement by kevinhuangphoto

Amazing morning to kick off low fog season. The fog rolling over the Golden Gate bridge during sunrise was absolutely mesmerizing. Can’t wait to see everybody’s shots! Thanks to Escaype, I was able to be prepared for one of the best low fog events I’ve ever seen.

All Critique and Feedback desired, thank you!

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City of Dreams by fzaidi

Best viewed in Black Background!

Escaype had predicted that a low fog event is possible in the morning. So, I told my friend to wake me up if it is confirmed and when he did call me 2 hours before sunrise, I got up instantly and headed straight to twin peaks as the fog level was a bit high for the regular shooting spot. While driving up the winding road of Twin Peaks, I went through low fog and it almost felt like until the very last minute fog will obscure the view. However, as I parked the car the view cleared and without wasting much time I set up my tripod and took a few shots. Luckily the clouds were in the right place at the right time as well and since the sun rises in the summers in the North west direction, I was able to get a decent burn as well! After 15-20 minutes of shooting the fog level rose up a notch and made it impossible to shoot further. Nevertheless it was a very productive day for me so I gladly returned after meeting many other escaype members there.

Forecast by Escaype

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