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The Color Of the Night by zemestane59bood

“message. The lake is one of the natural attractions of Ardabil, the results of geological studies indicate that older age of the lake from the lake is. Shorabil only natural lake within a city in Iran is. It was very salty lake in the past, but now with the addition of fresh water to which salt has been reduced so that a fish trout in it extends to 180 hectares cultivated and grown. The lake features entertainment, sports and culture, many of which, such as a canoe, track athletics , track cycling , the zoo , the number of hotels (Kosar tourist complexes and hotels Shorabil), one of the city’s indoor amusement park and an outdoor play . The lake hunting areas Ardabil province.

Shorabil Drhrym Ardebil city and towns Kosar, stamp, transportation, justice, Vali, and university researchers City, PNU, Medical Sciences, and the International Exhibition of Ardabil on the edge of the lake uate. Stay for foreign tourists and domestic visitors rated a two-star hotel on the north shore of Lake Shorabil with Kosar tourist complex with a three-star rating and forty-six suites, villas and conference facilities Vsaln conference and two restaurants and a cafe. Cafe and Lounge sports court, an area of 26125 square meters was built on the southern coast Shorabil.

Prior to the addition of fresh water to the lake, residents, especially those who suffer from skin irritation and joint pain, skin Mymalydnd lake of flowers, and the flowers were to take it to other cities, but when the water Add another sweet water lake has lost its therapeutic properties.
Shorabil already Ardabil is one of the entertainment venues in the park next to it and a lot of green space and an indoor amusement park in the sun with modern facilities opened in 2012 on the shore of the lake.

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Night at the BB!!!….. by jvphoto

Hello My dear friends,

How are you doing?

I have composed many many pictures at this place. But till date, this is one of my fav of BB, specially the exposure on the water/sea with the silky effect and three front line pillars(scaling factor of the bridge), positioning of the pillars….etc…Till now i didn’t hit the same atmospheric effect(foggy, windy mix with lights)… and hope i will see one for this winter…

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REVERIE by BaberAfzal

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Here is a reprocessed image taken back in 2011 of Al Qasr hotel in Dubai, UAE.

You hardly get to see clouds over Dubai but on that day I was blessed to witness it coupled with a gorgeous sunset.

I am content with how it has turned out too. Giving it a bit more mood here as well.

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EMINENCE by BaberAfzal

Finally, after 5 days of effort I have managed to create this image (along with its video tutorial) which I had in my archive for almost 3 years!

I always kept staring at this image blankly for days and wondering on how to work on it and I believe I finally managed to come up with a vision for it. I took this at a time when I visited San Francisco in 2012 and yes, that is the Golden Gate bridge too! Decided to offer a unique perspective from the walkway.

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I hope you guys enjoy this image as well! God Bless you all! 🙂

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The beauty called Boston by VarunSharma10

Well, the Sunday evening before Labor Day of 2015, and this was the first time I ever went out just to shoot city lights…. with my wife; yup, you read it right; with my wife. And you know what? for the first time she waited patiently till I finished working with my camera :).

I know, everybody knows about Boston, but still, I am putting a wiki link here to allure you to visit and shoot some good pictures of the city so beautiful.

I hope you guys like my work. Please don’t forget to press like, and give your awesome comments.

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When Night wakes up….!!!. by jvphoto

Have a Wonderful Wednesday my dear friends.

This is mono version with my fav tone of the colored version which i have posted sometime back. The settings are different. Hope you like it.

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