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Petra by night by danyeidphotography

The city of Petra, capital of the Nabataean Arabs, is one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world, it is Located 240 km south of the capital Amman and 120 km north of the red sea town of Aqapa. Petra the world wonder is undoubtedly Jordan’s most valuable treasure and greatest tourist attraction, and it is visited by tourists from all over the world.

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Octagonal backyard by danyeidphotography

Since i’m back to Dubai after my long journey, again i started to see lines & urban designs smile emoticon , so i will share with you today a architectural image that i took in Berlin.
This design is by the Italian architect Aldo Rossi, called Quartier Schützenstraße, is just a few meters from the famous Checkpoint Charlie, in a first heavily bombed during World War II and then crossed by the wall.
Moving around the building to find the correct perspective, was a bit hard to captured since you have to look up & manage your frame for this beautiful octagon backyard design & by shooting a ultra wide with my 14-24mm, however i was very lucky to have that day a nice clouds moving in the sky, so i decided to use my Formatt Hitech Filters16 stop firecrest for 245 seconds exposure time.

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“Knossos” The palace of Minotaur by vasiliosgavrilis

In Greek mythology, King Minos dwelt in a palace at Knossos. He had Daedalus construct a labyrinth (by some connected with the double-bladed axe, or labrys) in which to retain his son, the Minotaur. Daedalus also built a dancing floor for Queen Ariadne (Homer, Iliad 18.590-2). The name “Knossos” was subsequently adopted by Arthur Evans because it seemed to fit the local archaeology. The identification has never been credibly questioned, mainly because of that archaeology.

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Bangkok city downtown at sunrise by Anek2910

Bangkok city downtown at sunrise with reflection of skyline, Bangkok,Thailand

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