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Diamonds are For Ever by deb_sankar

It was just before the National Day in France. I went there in one evening. The tower was, as usual, astounding. The curves reminded me some thing traditional … it was like a diamond…. which is for ever !

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Water Street Light Trail by gord_follett

Located on the corner of Water Street and George Street, downtown St. John’s Newfoundland. A light trail of cars passing by near dusk. George Street is a popular place for locals and tourists looking for a night out, because of it’s high concentration of bars. Along Water street one can find a variety of restaurants, shops and bars. As you walk along Water street you will see buildings that still have the original design and structure since the 1800’s.

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Chronus by GreyChow

One of the most iconic angles in Kuala Lumpur, with the awesome light trail. And the best of it, the place was super near to my living places, which allow me to go there and try my luck every time when the weather is good. grin emoticon For more info on how I capture and process my photo, together with a before/after comparison, can check out my latest post here: http://ift.tt/1Pkg5Le

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Draging Me In by harsheakshay

This is one of the most beautiful skyline I have ever got to photograph. I would love to leisurely spend some time exploring different places to take picture. Fortunately this day was perfect and by the time we reached the sun had just set and citylights started to pop out. After an hour of tiring efforts I managed to get some still shots of the downtown, I mention that because the place I was standing was a bridge and it would shake every time a vehicle would pass.I hope I gave some justice to this place. Thanks Ashish Harshe and Shweta Bhagwat-Harshe for showing lot of patience.

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The Chinatown Gates by peterstewartphotography

Bangkok’s famous ‘Chinatown Gate’ with Wat Traimit in the background.

This ceremonial gate signifies the start of one end of the cities Chinatown district.

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