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P A S T by JohnTheViking

This is a new edit of a photo I took at a photo tour with about 50 other photographers in Viborg, Denmark, in May 2008.
At the time I only processed the jpgs, but fortunately I also kept the raw files, so this is based on the raw file.
The kind of lightbulbs in the lamp are no longer used, so in more than one sense the photo is from the past 🙂

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Lightbulb by krilrikur

I saw this staircase here on 500px and had to take my own version. The staircase leads to a cubistic cafe in Prague in the House of the Black Madonna. We tried two different cameras, a Canon 6D with the 24-105mm lense and a Fuji X100. The Fuji easily won this contest, there was to much lense flair on the Canon pictures.

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Lights On ! by SrikarKanchana

With the sun going down the City has turned on the Street Lights. Standing at the bus stop I saw a flickering light bulb trying to get started for the night. This has drawn my attention to the beautiful windows of this tall building.

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