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The beauty called Boston by VarunSharma10

Well, the Sunday evening before Labor Day of 2015, and this was the first time I ever went out just to shoot city lights…. with my wife; yup, you read it right; with my wife. And you know what? for the first time she waited patiently till I finished working with my camera :).

I know, everybody knows about Boston, but still, I am putting a wiki link here to allure you to visit and shoot some good pictures of the city so beautiful.

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Clock Square by blackchallenge

The city of Damietta is the capital of the governorate that holds the same name. Damietta is famous as it is where the Eastern Branch of the River Nile, which is named after the city as well, pours into the Mediterranean Sea at the popular local resort of Ras El Barr.

To the Southwest of Damietta, there are the wonderful gardens and orchards of the Delta of Egypt. Damietta is featured, as one of the few cities in Egypt, with long shores overlooking the River Nile and Mediterranean Sea as well. Moreover, the Port of Damietta is one of the most active and important trading points in Egypt.

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