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Entrance of the church by tosicbojan

Ružica Church (Serbian: Црква Ружица, Little Rose Church) is a Serbian Orthodox church located in the Kalemegdan Fortress, in Belgrade, Serbia. A church of the same name existed on the site in the time of Stefan Lazarević. It was demolished in 1521 by the invading Ottoman Turks. The church was used as a gunpowder magazine in the 18th century, and was converted into a military church between 1867 and 1869. Heavily damaged during the First World War, the church was renovated in 1925. The iconostasis was carved by Kosta Todorović, and the icons painted by Rafailo Momčilović. The walls were covered in paintings by Andrej Bicenko, a Russian artist.

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Gendarmenmarkt by photovojac

This is the Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin, Germany. One of many points of interests in Berlin.
You can see the “Deutscher Dom” to the left and the “Konzerthaus Berlin” to the right.
Usually this place is not “deserted” like that.

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