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oops! (wrong time, wrong place) by marekboguszak

Wrong time – lamps went out a minute ago (and the sun did not make its way through the fog and clouds in the next 2 hours). Wrong place – either you get same shot as many others or (even worse) you get same shot but enriched by many tripods and photographers. 🙂

Foggy morning on Charles Bridge in Prague.

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Geomarchitectural painting by ninjatransvestite

This proved a challenging shot as the focus-system insisted to focus on the lines making out the partitions of the windows in front.

Fine, I just go to “manual” focus.. but this was VERY hard with such a tiny viewfinder. (one of the drawbacks shooting with a Nikon D3000)

Actually catching the focus of this painting is not the easiest thing I have done. But I ended up satisfied never the less :o)

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Amsterdam. by remoscarfo

Keizersgracht, Amsterdam Holland.

Amsterdam is the most watery city in the world. Its canals and harbours fill a full quarter of her surface Its waterways have always been its essence and its source of wealth The 17th century Canal Belt was placed on UNESCO’s World Heritage list in 2011

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Anchored In Maritime History by 1davidmcmahon

Chandeliers inspired by nautical anchors are a striking feature of Singapore’s Clifford Pier, a historic maritime terminal that is now a high-profile restaurant. I shot this through a cascade of white orchids that echoed the colonial-era roof.


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