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Reflections and lights by EleftheriosTedPanagiotopoulos

After practice and failed attempts I’m finally feeling like I”m understanding the length of my exposures and the f-stop combo to use. The latest image seemed to look the best. Still trying to perfect my LE’s. There are so many great photographer’s that I follow who have this practice down to a science.

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The City by EleftheriosTedPanagiotopoulos

Last Sunday I went out to Adler to shoot Chicago’s skyline from an iconic spot that many photographer’s have shot from before. i was happy with this shot but know it could be better. I follow a lot of great cityscape photographers that manage to get some great sharpness and clarity in their cityscapes. Haven’t figured out how to completely do that yet. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. I just want to learn as much as I can. Thanks everyone.

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Chicago at night by NickMangiardi

I’ve taken many shots of the San Francisco Skyline, but never of the beautiful Chicago Skyline. My sister, Lidia, gets the credit for this shot as she graciously volunteered to show me around downtown Chicago. And when I mentioned that I wanted to capture Chicago at night, she noted that that the best vantage point was from the Alder Planetarium.

It was late at night and didn’t want to inconvenience the family, but she persisted that we go to the Planetarium and spend the time needed to get the job done. She is also a photo enthusiast with a great eye for composition so I had the hunch this was going to be a great spot. Well, she was 100% correct as this spots was fantastic for the great view of Chicago at night.

All the building are amazing, but the the one building that gets my attention every time I look at this shot – upper third on the left side of the frame – is the beautiful Sears Tower, which can be recognized by the illumination of the Tower antennas on the rooftop.

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