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The eye II by Carlosmacr

Whenever i manage to “see” some of this kind architecture and i think in all of these beautiful photos i am not able to see and miss, i remember of Alfon No and Juandevillalba, both 500px user who master this kind of photography.
Made with my chinese mobile phone 🙂

Cuando soy capaz de ver algo de esto y pienso en todas las que no llego a ver aun teniéndolas delante pienso en Alfon No y Juandevillalba y la habilidad que tienen para ver donde para otros no hay.

Hecha con mi teléfono móvil chino 🙂

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The water tower ❖ La tour d’eau by blue_iris

This original wooden water tower captured in Barry’s Bay, Ontario, is the last of its kind in the province!
Historically, railroads that used steam locomotives required a means of replenishing the locomotive’s tenders. Water towers were common along the railroad.

As I was taking pictures of the water tower, flocks of pigeons would fly overhead and land on the tower or take off from it, as seen in the picture.

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Two tone Spiral stairs of the Vatican Museums by Saneha

Spiral stairs of the Vatican Museums in Vatican in Rome, Italy.

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