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La cocina – Reial Monestir de Santa Maria de Pedralbes by neobit

The monastery kitchen

The monastery was founded by King Jaume el Just (James II of Aragon) for his wife Elisenda de Montcada in 1326.
The construction work of the monastery started in March 1326. Queen Elisenda chose its location in the village of Sarrià, which back then was far out of the city of Barcelona. The name “Pedralbes” derives from the Latin Petras Albas (white stones), a white stone is the cornerstone of the apsis. On May 3, 1327 the nuns moved into the monastery.
Since the monastery was built within just one year, it was not influenced by any other architectural styles and is a fine example of particularly homogeneous gothic architecture in Catalonia.
It was not before the 15th century that the third and lowest storey was added to the cloister.

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“The Kitchen” by AliKordZadeh

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This is the Kitchen situated on the top floor of the Korcula island Town Museum, once a Hidding ground for partizans in WWII.
The island is situated in the Adriatic sea, and Part of Croatia, It has been an historic island since 9th century.

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Monet’s Kitchen at Giverny by PatKofahl

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The kitchen at Claude Monet’s house in Giverny, France. For artists, gardeners, art lovers and historians of the Belle Epoque, Giverny is a pilgrimage site not to be missed. To stand on the spot where the master of impressionism created some of his seminal works imparts a thrill that is hard to describe. Have a great week, everyone!

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