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*Lichtgestalt* by Fotoarte

Salò Cathedral
Construction begun on the 7th October 1453, as written onto a plaque: “Anno domini 1453 die 7 Octobris lapis primis fuit huius ecclesie positus in works”.
News and documentary data, according to the last major restoration, testify that the new building stands on the old one, although, the ruins show something different.
The architect Filippo delle Vacche, from Caravaggio, was the designer and the builder of the cathedral when the local superintendent for the Venetian Republic was Calbo Leonardo (1451-1453) and the dean of Salò was Giacomo da Pavia. The architectural project followed the model of the church of Saint Anastasia in Verona, with the introduction of highly innovative features that make Santa Maria Annunziata an important example of the transition between Gothic and Renaissance periods. On the north side stands the bell tower. The lower part was built in three phases, respectively secc. XI, XIII, end XIV – beginning XV.

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Saint Michael’s Church Meiringen by Wilhelmwalter

“Meiringen is first mentioned in 1234 as Magiringin. Due to its strategic location at the foot of several alpine passes, the area around Meiringen was settled at least in the Early Middle Ages. The first village church was built in the 9th or 10th century. When it was destroyed in a flood the new church of St. Michael (first mentioned in 1234) was built about 5 m (16 ft) above the old church. The current church of St. Michael dates from the 15th century and was renovated in 1683-84.” (Wikipedia) A story in the book “The House of Silk” of Anthony Horowitz plays in the crypt of St. Michael’s church.

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