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祈りの燈-Lamp of prayer by fqleniqg92

Nara flourished as the capital in 1300 before.
Vestiges of ancient Japan also remain now in the vast nature.
It is appropriate for such Nara, somewhere to feel the nostalgia,
Gentle light of a candle that heals the mind.

“Then it is light society” is loose and flowing of time the world heritage of the earth,
It began to light in the light of the candle a prayer of people who gather in Nara.

Was born in 1999 “Then it is light society”. Candle light dissolves in the ancient city of Nara,
It has had a variety of excitement in the minds of people. Only 10 days stood summer,
Vast Nara of green and candle flowers in history will bloom.

The “燈花”, the mass in the form of flowers that can be ahead of the wick.
If this is possible we luck is said to be good.
“Then it is light society” people so that will be happy visited.
And lit a light in one by one candle to put such a wish

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