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The Flow by Claudio_DeSat

Sunset over barge navigating the Britz Canal.

The Britz Canal, or Britzer Verbindungskanal in German, is a 3.4-kilometre (2.1 mi) long canal in. The canal was built between 1900 and 1906.

The canal provides a shortcut for shipping from the Teltow Canal and Neukölln Ship Canal directly to the Spree River, as well as serving several inner city ports.

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Wasserschloss Hamburg by DuskTillDawn_by_MoritzWicklein

Wasserschloss Hamburg is a restaurant in the old storage district of Hamburg harbour.
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Gloucester Tall Ships 2015 by oherbold

After thousands of visitors finally disappeared from Gloucester Docks Tall Ships Festival 2015, it was time for me to enjoy a stroll around the main basin. The peaceful blue hour scenery was such a strong contrast to the crowded and loud daytime.

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