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Beautiful fireworks in Marina Bay by SasinTipchai

Singapore National Day ,Beautiful fireworks in Marina Bay

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The City Hall is burning! City Hall is burning! by tmrother

Several thousands of people were witness to burning of the symbol of Toronto, the City Hall. This actually happened every day during the PANAM Games as fireworks erupted after the last musical performance of the day.
This photo was captured just after the last salvo and even I have taken about 20 pretty displays, I decided to show this one, as it kind of signifies the end of successful PANAM games.
It ended with a BANG, as ageless Sérgio Mendes on keyboard (born 1941) brought his group of excellent musicians from Brasil to Canada for the last show. (vocalists Gracinha Leporace, Katie Hampton and Ayana Williams)
He received such a welcome, that he decided (only half joking) to take up a residence in our city.

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Gus S Wortham Memorial Fountain by MabryCampbell

The Gus S. Wortham Memorial Fountain in Houston, Texas. The fountain is made of bronze and was constricted in 1978. It is a local landmark in Houston. The fountain was recently renovated by the City of Houston as part of the Buffalo Bayou Park renovation project. It was designed by William T. Cannady, a houston architect and professor at Rice University.

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Born on the 4th of July by EduardMoldoveanuPhotography

4th of July – Eagle Rock Reservation,West Orange,NJ,USA on July 4 2015. Photo: Eduard Moldoveanu Photography

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