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Universal Pride by JonathanDanker

The ultimate vantage point for the SG50 final rehearsal.

I’m extremely grateful to my friend Hak Wee for the invite to this super awesome spot to shoot the last rehearsal for Singapore nation wide party.

This year is extremely special due to it’s golden jubilee as such much marketing has gone into making SG50 seen everywhere from building lightings to fishcakes.. lol

Hope you like this image! It was a pleasure shooting this years national day fireworks. I don’t think I’m brave enough to stand amongst the hundreds during the actual day though..

Have a pleasant Sunday!

Canon 5d Mk 2 | Canon 17mm TS-E f4L | ISO 320 | f 13.0 | focal length 17mm (3 tile horizontal shift, 4 exposure digital blend with various exposures for lights and fireworks)

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