Brooklyn Bridge Sunset by UltimaGaina

Château d’eau du Peyrou by JohannesOehl

The water reservoir tower Château d’eau du Peyrou was build 1768 by architect Henri Pitot and is still in use. The water is coming via the aquaeduct of St. Clement, which I have shown already some time ago. The building is part of the Promenade du Peyrou, a park within Montpellier.

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Aqueduc de Saint-Clément by JohannesOehl

This 880m long aqueduct is brand new compared to the Roman aquaeducts: It was bult 1772 and is filling a water reservoir (Chateau dau) for fountains and public water intakes. Architects were Henri Pitot, Donnat and Jean Antoine Giral.

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This is london by maxrobeyns

A panorama taken through the grimy glass of the skygraden atop the ‘walkie talkie’ building- or 20 fenchurch street. The weather was just clearing up after a rain shower, and the light caught the back of the clouds creating this stunning, dramatic sky, with some mist on the horizon following the shower. This incredible scene lasted less than a minute!

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