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Believe by FrogDiva

I believe
in the pursuit of dreams,
in angel kisses,
knights in shining armours,
soft kitten paws,
embraces that heal all,

I believe
in the inherent goodness of mankind
generosity of spirit
family ties
undying friendship

Bridges, stairs, and arches will always make me stop, forget my direction and travel companions…. and shoot. This hallway is part of the external wall surrounding the Taj Mahal.
Re-visited and re-edited from my archives… if I had known then what I know now….

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Touch of pink… by CharlieJoe

Better on Black. Lotus Baha’i Temple, New Delhi just after sunset. Strange that the temple was closed even before the lights come on, just managed to take this shot from a difficult vantage point through the trees, on top of the fence, outside the compound wall. Had to “cut off” some tree branches on the right of the frame 😉
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Night at the Gate… by CharlieJoe

India Gate, New Delhi reflected in rain water. Typical night scene at India Gate where people (both local & tourists) throng to see the India Gate or enjoy a walk or eat street food or just to pass time. Whatever it is, one thing is common… they all take photos. Single shot taken handheld. Check out my other City Night Photos
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