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Hyatt III by pamastro

The lobby of the Royal Dearborn Hotel. It opened in 1976 as a Hyatt Regency, complete with its own monorail connecting it to the neighboring Fairlane Shopping Center. It was designed by Charles Luckman with the open lobby concept popularized by John Portman. Today the monorail and Hyatt name are both just memories but the hotel still stays open.

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Supernova by Turnipfarmer

Andaz Hotel (Great Eastern Hotel), Liverpool Street, London, England – http://ift.tt/V5qrF7

I have been sitting on this image for a while now, I must have edited it 10 times or so and never been happy with it until this latest edit you see here and one that I am finally happy with.

What you are looking at here, well, some of you may say its a spiral staircase but strictly its not if you look closely. It gives the illusion of one I suppose but actually isn’t.

It was quite hard to take the original photo and get it framed in the camera as you are literally on top of the circular opening, you need a very wide lens. I didn’t want to use my Samyang 14mm as this would have given too much distortion in the overall image so I went for a slightly tilted POV. Agreed you do loose a bit from the tops and bottoms but I feel its a compromise and works with the circular structure.

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