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Parliament, Budapest, Hungary at night by Levente

The Hungarian Parliament building at night, Budapest, Hungary

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The Green Minute by thomasmorkeberg

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In Budapest you don’t shoot during blue hour – you shoot during green minute! 🙂

I have absolutely no idea why it glows green for the first minute.
Maybe someone here knows?

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The Hungarian Parliament Building by thomasmorkeberg

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This photo from my last trip to Budapest is probably the one I am most happy that I was able to capture. The reason is that for the last six to seven times I have been to Budapest, I have not been able to get a straight on shot of the Parliament building. Every time there has always been a big restaurant ship docked right in front of it, blocking the straight on view. This time was no different so I went up to the Fisherman’s bastion to see if I could get a better view from up high, only to see that the ship was leaving dock. I rushed down to the riverbank again to capture some straight on long exposures of the Parliament building and got among other this image.

I used the Lee Big Stopper to capture this 73 sec long exposure.

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