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Above all odds by Twosane

Another 360°. Berlin / Reichstagskuppel

Another version: here, here and here. I prefer the smaller version without the entire 360°.

It’s a two-way to the top, one for walking up, the other for walking down. Making this capture I was standing there maybe for 1h due to the many people and hundreds of pictures I had to take.

via http://bit.ly/1ipUeoM

Hazy, Hot & Humid City Night by ShahidSaeed

The idea was to capture the beautiful city lights, but the weather was unexpectedly Hazy, Hot & Humid and the visibility was not that clear. But it didn’t change my mind and I still spent some time to capture this picture and the result was not that bad. Captured on July 11, 2015 with Canon 5D mk3 and Tokina AT-X PRO 80-200mm F2.8 lens and processed with Adobe Photoshop.

via http://ift.tt/1IaoY2b