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sunrise in Bagan by puttikornbeum

THE DAY AFTER by BenoSaradzic

‘The Day After’

I named this image after one of the most impactful disaster movies of the Eighties, ‘The Day After’ (1983). I still vividly remember the catalysmic visuals in that movie which frightened and disturbed the audiences worldwide. It’s funny how I remembered this specific movie when I saw this eerie sunrise.
This is a panorama, stitched from 4 individual exposures. No HDR or blending here, just straight-up photography with colour correction.
I used Canon 5DMk3 and Canon TS-E17mm f4.0L lens with a Gitzo GT5541LS tripod and RRS BH-55 ballhead.

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Structure by AlexeyKrotkov

2560. Massive structure of the building with many windows and balkonies.

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Pont Alexander III by jmpayet

Lamp post on Pont Alexander III.
The Alexander III bridge, with a length of 154 meters and a width 45 meters, built by engineers Jean Amédée Alby and Résal for the World Expo 1900 . The first stone was laid by Tsar Nicolas II , son of Alexander III of Russia in 1896, the bridge was designed to symbolize Franco-Russian friendship. This is the president Emile Loubet who inaugurated. It consists of a metal arch 107,50 meters, flanked by two viaducts 22.50 meters each. The bridge has on its entire length, richly decorated cast iron which participates in renowned.
Pont Alexandre III connects the esplanade of the Invalides in Wilson Churchill Avenue

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