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Dubai – Marina Skyline Panorama by claude_castor

© by Jean Claude Castor l 030mm – Photography

Dubai, Marina, Skyline, Panorama, 2015






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The Paranoid by joe_plasmatico

Hiho dear friends, followers, aficionados and lovers of the fine art of photography. (black in black plz)

As previously discussed, the new 500px ‘look’ is not what I like that much, comments are cut short and communications starts decreasing…….

Now here is my third image of one of those marvelous skyscrapers you happen to see in Frankfurt am Main downtown, where I had a forced stay due to some heavy train driver strike.

But when you have your camera with you, you can always make the best out of such a situation.

I was strongly influenced by the cracking movies Sin City and Sin City2 and I have fallen in love with the entire style they were produced.

The editing this time might be a bit harsh, or even unusual, but I want to create an own handwrite in my images and not copy (the skills for sure) all the well known fine art artists which post their terrific images here from time to time.

Surely this workflow was a bitch, working for a few days on all the details, Lightroom, Photoshop, (back and forth), brightening here, darkening there, repeating every step a few hundred times until it was all done.

Hope I could meet your exquisite taste and expectation, stay tuned guys.

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Dubai – Business Bay Panorama at Night by claude_castor

© by Jean Claude Castor l 030mm – Photography

Dubai, Business Bay, Panorama, 2015






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