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Tampa Skyline from the Platt Street Bridge by Greg_Urbano

I was motivated by an image I saw on Instagram to find this location and get a long exposure shot of the Tampa skyline at dusk and then some at night. (Similar to my “Miami Nights” image.)
We walked most of the Tampa Riverwalk (See also my Tampa Riverwalk image for the starting off point.) before doubling back some to get positioned on the bridge. This particular exposure is one of the longest I have posted since I got serious with my B+W 10 stop ND filter. This one was with in camera noise for long exposure turned off. I ran it through Nik Define, my default for NR but the stringy lint like noise remains but doesnt seem to distract much.
One thing I don’t understand is people who shoot Instagram images with full frame cameras but only post to the 640 square pixel service, it leaves me scratching my head sometimes.

via http://bit.ly/1GZE39v