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Operahouse in purple sunrise by JacobSurland

These crazy clouds are almost straight out of the camera. This sunrise, is one of the craziest I have ever seen, and the weirdest part, is that I never saw the Sun itself. I saw it shine on the city behind me, but before it got clear of the horizon, it disappeared behind clouds. I shot this photo from Skuespilhuset and it shows Operahuset (The Opera House) in Copenhagen, Denmark. Photo by: Jacob Surland, http://bit.ly/1Qjp6qm. Licensed Creative Commons, Non-Commercial, no derivatives v4.0.

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Giuseppe Sapori Night gate by GiuseppeSapori

I write with terrible delay and I apologize for that. There was a time that I was not physically at home for travel and other unexpected this has prevented my updated at least weekly … But let’s talk about this picture, what you see is represented the entry of Roman imperial Forum, a short walk from the Colosseum, inserted into an archaeological site of immense historical value as wonderful. I took this picture at two different moments, one at the end of the golden hour and one during the blue hour. When I edited the picture I start with the golden hour image to take the foreground and the blue hour one to the sky to make it more impressive, in that image it is visible a few small star 😉
The rest of the editing is all luminance masks and Photoshop cc layers work

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Golden Aerial by tobyharriman

*Golden Aerial*
Will never get enough of this bridge. I think I just need to shoot it fro under water now to get every angle!!

View More Aerial: /http://ift.tt/1qg1v79

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Chevron by Turnipfarmer

The Angel Building, London, England – http://ift.tt/V5qrF7

Wow this is my 6th Black and White image I have uploaded to Flickr, might inject a bit of colour into the next upload.

This is the awesome interior of the Angel Building in London. I looked down from this balcony and had to take this image due to the wonderful amount of textures and intersecting lines, this is one building I may revisit during my next Open House this year.

I have had a few questions about how I get these images and the answer is Open House London, a weekend every year that London allows the public to visit buildings that are not often open to the public. Its a great weekend if you have never been and I highly recommend it.

I am planning on doing a blog post on my website for you all to give you an insight into the weekend and of course which buildings I recommend and tips too.

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