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Rare Colour by 1davidmcmahon

This (hand-held and unedited) image depicts one of the fleeting moments when the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay, normally floodlit in white, was bathed in red yesterday to mark the approach of Singapore’s golden-jubilee National Day next weekend. The “SG50” message, of course, relates to the 50th anniversary of independence. This image was shot from about 300 metres away, across the bay.


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Equating Art And Science by 1davidmcmahon

This (hand-held) image of the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay was shot from about 300-350m away, near Clifford Pier. The beautiful building was opened in 2011. What really caught my eye here was the lighting that produced slim shadows cast by each “lotus petal” clad in fibre-reinforced polymer. The line of lights on the bottom was a perfect visual device, allowing me to “anchor” my image.


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City of Steel by kjerstijorg

Singapore city skyline.
This picture is shot in two rows of 11 pictures. Each picture 5 exposures – A total of 110 images! The full size version of this image is therefore almost 700mb, and can printed up to about 3x6meters.

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