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The Main Buddha with golden hand in the temple of Sukhothai hist by Anek2910

The Main Buddha with golden hand in the temple of Sukhothai historical park in Sukhothai, Thailand

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Entrance(Zvornik fortress, Downtown) by tosicbojan

Zvornik fortress is a medieval castle located in Zvornik, Bosnia and Herzegovina, on the mountain Mlađevac overlooking the Drina Valley. Zvornik fortress is situated at an altitude of 147 m. It was probably built in the 12th or 13th century and is one of the largest medieval fortresses in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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Sky high by Vahlenkamp

Build it up
Bit by bit
Increasingly higher
Against the sky
Back to back
Almost there

The Willis Building is a commercial skyscraper in London named after the primary tenant, Willis Group. It is located on 51 Lime Street in the City of London financial district.

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Stairs to the Heaven by radovan77

Stockholm subway T-Centralen station. The architecture itself is equally striking. The T-Centralen station resembles a blue and white cavern, with walls of sprayed concrete made to imitate rock face rather than covering up the shape of the tunnel. Station designed by Per Olof Ultvedt in 1975.

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