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Calm Amsterdam by MartijnKort

The Melkmeisjes bridge in Amsterdam, near the Central Station. Made with a very long exposure. The calculated exposure time was doubble the time I had for this photo, but unfortunately my exposure was interrupted by my incomming messages. And this was the last shot with the availale light from this position. I still like the outcome of the photo. Giving a calm atmosphere of the Amsterdam Canal houses.

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Canal boats in Amsterdam by MVDFOTOGRAFIE

Blue Motion Story …

As an photographer, you sometimes have to wait quite a while, for the sky to tun into a blue hour sky. But in Holland and Amsterdam, it is even worse. Because at the moment the real blue hour is there, hundreds of bikers with little lights show up on the streets. But in Amsterdam, also little boats show up every now and then. So, let’s turn this into an advantage and that is how the idea of Blue Motion was born …

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