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typical SF impression by HaochengTang

I believe that this one is the last one about my road trip happened 3 months ago. This is San Francisco, of course! Golden Gate Bridge, the world famous place to visit did not make me sad. That day is pretty foggy so that the bridge was covered with heavy fog for the whole day except the 10 min that I captured by waiting for it. The clouds were blown away by strong wind and Golden Gate Bridge shows its real face to me. So excited, I took several shots.
Great experience in shooting this lucky one.
Hope you like it my friends!!!

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Dusk at the Headlands: Golde Gate Bridge by kptripathi

Golden Gate Bridge – Fog at Down
Took this shot very early morning from Marin headlands in San francisco when fog was kissing the top of the towers and glowing from lights and early morning sunrise was brightening blue colors on horizon. It was a surreal experience standing next to this majestic structure called GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE.

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All Smiles by vsquared_photo

The description says it my friends:-) Got up before the crack of dawn in search of the ever elusive low fog at the Golden Gate Bridge. Still no fog, but I wasn’t going to waste this glorious dramatic morning. Had fun snapping these tower viewers on the GGB vista point. Also no tourist in my shots, so I’m all smiles…until we finally meet, you FOG!

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