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Matthias Church by DariaKlepikova

Roman Catholic church located in Budapest, Hungary, in front of the Fisherman’s Bastion at the heart of Buda’s Castle District. According to church tradition, it was originally built in Romanesque style in 1015, although no archaeological remains exist. The current building was constructed in the florid late Gothic style in the second half of the 14th century and was extensively restored in the late 19th century. It was the second largest church of medieval Buda and the seventh largest church of medieval Hungarian Kingdom

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Back to Ancient Rome by HaochengTang

Back to Ancient Rome, Colosseo, fantastic weather that day I remember. I was last year, 2014 when I travelled to Europe.(If you are my fan, you shall know this,lol) I used long exposure, hoping I had a wider lens to include more streets.
Enjoy this old work, my friends!
Thank you!

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The terrace by jgreen0586

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Hey all, a snap from NYC today, taken at the Bethesda Terrace in Central Park. I spent about 10-15 mins enjoying some some good old fashion people watching, waiting for my moment to grab the snap that I had in my mind. The couple in the shot had been wandering about for a few minutes and then stopped in the perfect spot for my photo, they were actually taking pics of each other too. The hard bit was timing it right when there was no one else towards the front of the frame. I hope you guys enjoy…

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