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Old City, Modern Lights by BrandonDonnelly1

This is a pretty well known shot in the Bavarian town of Rothenburg ob der Tauber. This is a fairly quiet street however busy enough to make it difficult to get a long exposure shot without a car driving past. At first I wasn’t a fan of the light trails in this shot, but I think it works. It shows something modern in what otherwise is a very old town.

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Civil Twilight by Johnstonandjohnston

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Prior to the digital era of photography, photography was much more tangible; people actually used to hold physical photographs in their hands and hang them up around their homes and offices.

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–But photography isn’t just data and megapixels, it’s a true art form that transcends the digital landscape when given the chance.

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Johnston & Johnston
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Mirror Mirror on the Wall by Turnipfarmer

Marienplatz Metro Station, Munich, Germany

I have had so many uploads I have been sitting on and not getting round to upload them until now as I feel its the right time to upload them with my new Flickr account.

I will be returning to the Open House London archive uploads shortly but this is another addition to my ‘Conceptual Fabrication’ series. I have done this one in colour with the distinctive Orange tiles that you often get with German metro stations but I wanted to try a black and white image and this was the result, really like the high key feel that the orange tiles create when converted to Black and White.

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Castle of Neuschwanstein near Munich in Germany on an autumn day by PeterMocsonoky

Castle of Neuschwanstein near Munich in Germany on an autumn day

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The Granary by pete28

This is the view from the front of the Schottler farm house at Old World Wisconsin. The bakehouse, shown earlier, is on the left. The building on the right houses livestock. There are a few pigs in residence. The building in the center, I’m pretty sure is the granary, although my documentation is a little sketchy about that. Assuming I’m right about that, it was moved to Old World from the Town of Polk in Washington County (Wisconsin). The Schottler farm represents a (very prosperous) German immigrant’s farm as of about 1875.

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Old Neighbors by mirosu

Very long time is this old church connected to the school building. Both are located in Brugg’s Old Town.
Brugg’s reformed church is the seat of the regional church district. The oldest remaining section, a tower integrated into the town’s former defenses, was completed around 1220. Between 1479 and 1518, the building was expanded in four stages in late-gothic style with three abbeys a side chapel, and a choir. The interior layout originates from 1641 to 1642. Its modern exterior design was shaped between 1734 and 1740, when it was completely remodeled in baroque style.
Directly next to the church stands the Latin School, a three-story building, finished in a baroque style and completed around 1638-40. The school is also a part of the town’s defenses, with its back wall integrated into the town’s defensive barrier.
The front façade is covered by a brilliant and rare humanistic mural of allegorical female figures representing theology (in the photo) and the seven liberal arts; the grammar, rhetoric, logic, arithmetic, geometry, astronomy and music. The cartouches under the window ledges are adorned with Biblical dictums in German, Latin, Greek and Hebrew.
Latin school prepared students for university, as well as enabling those of middle class status to rise above their station.
Swiss town of Brugg is located at the confluence of the Rivers Reuss, Aare and Limmat, with the Aare flowing through the city’s old town. It is located approximately 28 km west of Zurich; and about 45 km east of Basel.

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