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Granada. by Soltyska

The Alhambra is a Nasrid “palace city”. It was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1984. It is certainly Granada’s most emblematic monument and one of the most visited in Spain. It consists of a defensive zone, the Alcazaba, together with others of a residential and formal state character, the Nasrid Palaces and, lastly, the palace, gardens and orchards of El Generalife. from Wiki

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Nocturne by ottoberkeley

Night shot of Poplar Station footbridge, East London.

I’ve photographed the location during the day, when harsh light was streaming through the glass. For this shoot, I thought it might be fun to visit in the evening once the outside of the tunnel had faded away and the lights inside the tunnel had been switched on.

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lots of windows, lots of lives by fxkito2

In three words I can sum up everything I’ve learned about life: it goes on.

– Robert Frost

In this wise saying, “life” may be read as “500px”. I was greatly disappointed at the new profile page. By the change, it became hard to use it very much than before.

The last help for me is only FastFeed for 500px at last ( iOS app for both iPhone and iPad ).

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Sala del Trono – Alcázar de Segovia by neobit

Sala del Trono o del Solio, de planta cuadrangular y 8 metros de lado, corresponde a la ampliación realizada por Enrique IV de Trastámara en el siglo XV. Su actual configuración es un recreación que ha querido ser fiel a la forma que debió tener en tiempos de los Reyes Católicos. La sala se cubre con una cúpula octogonal mudéjar traída desde la Iglesia de Santa María de Urones de Castroponce (Valladolid), obra de Xadel Alcalde ya que la original del Alcázar ardió en 1862.

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