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Luminance by JonathanDanker

Singapore City

Love it or hate it, Singapore is my home. As I grow older and less rebellious, the meaning and significance of a place where I belong becomes stronger.

As much as I’d like to travel out of here, I think my heart can never leave this city.

In the years to come, I’m sure this skyline would change beyond recognition. But I will always remember my home. My Singapore.

Canon 5d Mk 3 | Canon 85mm f1.8 | ISO 320 | f 9.0 | focal length 85mm (8 tile, 4 exposure digital blend horizontal panorama)

© Jonathan Danker
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Reflected Reality – SG50 Fireworks! by passing_momentos

Digital rendition of a composite of the firework display for SG50 National Day Parade – Preview. (Simulated reflection)

Base images (3): ISO100_F8_8/15/30 seconds
Images of Fireworks (5): ISO100_F(various)_3.2 seconds

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